Both my husband and I were raised in a small northern Minnesota town, where hard work and Minnesota common sense values are simply a way of life.  Growing up, I was the youngest daughter of two public school teachers. I watched them go to work every day, work hard and devote themselves to educating and helping others.  It wasn’t always easy and despite having a job that was underpaid and underappreciated – a theme far too common - my parents woke up every morning thankful for their chance to go to work and make a difference in our community.  They instilled in my sisters and I, the importance of community and that there is no substitute for hard work.   

I graduated from St. Ben’s with a degree in biology and accepted a job conducting research, which was amazing, but I had this indescribable feeling that I needed to “do more”.  I made the decision to pursue the law, graduated from William Mitchell and have now been a practicing attorney and mediator for almost a decade.   

My first truly “do more” experience came during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  I traveled to southern Louisiana on three separate occasions offering free legal services to a variety of community and national organizations.  My experiences in Louisiana impacted my life in such a profound way that I promised myself I would always be a voice for the voiceless, and hope for the hopeless. 

I have now been practicing law for nearly a decade and although I am involved in the community through various volunteer positions, as well as currently serving on the Woodbury Parks and Natural Resources Commission, I again find myself compelled to “do more”.  

I live in Woodbury with my husband Anthony, a United States Army veteran, where we are thankful and appreciative every day for the opportunities that this community presents. 

I am ready to “do more” but this time I need your help – together we can do more.